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J. Aaron Foster MS LMFT

My passion is in helping people to accept themselves and others from where they are and how they came to be. In turn this can allow for self-healing and healing within the scope of relationships. What once may have been perceived as difficulty or limitation can be shifted into strength and courageous self-care through self-acceptance. My clients and I accomplish their goals, whatever they may be, by use of a strength-based and skills-application approach. Whether I am working with individuals, couples or families– I provide psycho-education, behavioral coaching, and relationship therapy in this way.

Like most therapist I have studied, examined, and worked with clients symptoms, behaviors, and problematic relationships… However, I prefer not to get too hung up on diagnoses outside of supporting education, understanding, and guiding treatment. I want to circumvent labels that can create shame or victimization. I find it more effective to re-label and address individual personal needs in order to better manage symptoms or problem behaviors. My practice is holistic in nature, pulling from what research supports for effective long-term success. My relationship with my clients must be built on trust and good rapport. From here, I predominately utilize a soft-yet-direct approach, along with humor. Though I meet my clients where they are at, I lean toward theories and approaches such as  Cognitive Behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic, and Family Systems. Having an eclectic approach to therapy allows me to be flexible in consideration of my clients’ needs and exploring what works for them and their personalities – even if that means stepping outside of the box.


J. Aaron Foster MS LMFT 50479 
121 East J Street
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