The High Road of Thought and Emotion October 31, 2014

Both the high and low roads of thought and emotion can get you where you want to go by nature of where you place your attention, focus, and energy… But is one road or path preferred over the other? When THINKING of our life’s path and daily dealings, our reality is 100% impacted by our thoughts and emotions (attention, focus, and energy). Thinking positively is fantastic but it can also create extremes in our emotions such as avoidance and denial of negative thoughts and feelings.  Or labels of our thoughts as all good or all bad. This in turn can create JUDGMENTs and become BELIEFs. When people have extreme judgments or beliefs they tend to skew or manipulate information to fit their needs which clearly is not based on equality or balancing of information thus their good judgment can be clouded.

When thoughts and emotions are viewed from a more flexible position of higher or lower, as opposed to positive or negative, one can create more understanding and less judgment of their internal world. This translates to more opportunity in their external world. Thoughts and emotions create attraction in one’s reality. The higher the thoughts and emotions the more one’s reality magnetically tends to follow along the lines of a higher path. While the converse is also true, the lower the thoughts and emotions, the more one’s reality tends to magnetically follow the lines of a lower path. It’s not personal or moral, it just is. Our reality resonates with our thoughts and emotions plain and simple. By natural law, we have to have the lower thoughts and emotions in order to have the higher thoughts and emotions.

Think of your thoughts and emotions as registering on a spectrum from 1-100, with 100 representing the higher of the scale and 1 representing the lower. There has to be two end points or opposites in order to compare or make better decisions with regard to thoughts and emotions. Higher thoughts and emotions create a sense of ease and lightness while lower feel heavier and darker. Have you ever met and enjoyed a magnetic personality? How did that person make you feel? Have you ever had a day where everything just seemed to go your way? What were your thoughts, feelings, and emotions that day? Now, does a more consistent high road of thought and emotion sound appealing?

Gaining more awareness, understanding, clarity, and influence over thoughts and emotions can help one direct their reality toward a preferred higher road. If one has a belief in struggle they are consciously or unconsciously choosing a low road of thought and emotion. The good news is a belief can become unbelievable just as a judgment or decision can be undecided. The higher road of thought and emotion is attainable to all and there is help available.

Aaron Foster

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