The Importance of the Therapeutic Relationship February 24, 2015

The therapeutic relationship is the second most influential factor in predicting successful outcomes. The number one factor is the client’s willingness and readiness to seek support. Within the therapeutic relationship exists a working alliance where a client presents their concerns and behaviors to a therapist while the therapist holds the relationship safely. With this working alliance a client can learn to develop tolerance for frustration (even in this relationship), build trust, and maintain the relationship in the presence of possible ruptures….

Trust and Vulnerability January 6, 2015

Two key ingredients in healthy relationships are trust and vulnerability. The two go hand in hand but when someone has been hurt, it can be hard to regain trust or show vulnerability. Trust seems to get more air time than vulnerability probably because it’s easier to say “I trust you” while keeping one eye open. Vulnerability on the other hand is something more intimately shown or displayed through behavior to back up the words of trust given. Showing vulnerability can…

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