Sitting in yourself

Sitting in YOURself April 20, 2015

We tend to live outside of ourselves. We spend a lot of our time either projected behind ourselves in the past or in front of ourselves into the future. Picture that in your mind for a moment… You are walking in a park with a trailing transparent vision of yourself behind you. This vision of yourself follows you, it might hold you captive to your past, it might judge you, or criticize you. Now picture walking in that same park as you trail behind a transparent vision of yourself. This vision of yourself clouds your view of what’s in front of you, it might pressure you to keep up, or tell you that you should be doing more. When living in the past or future, we bring those feelings into the present with whomever we are with and whatever we are doing; the past or future can obstruct our mental clarity, stifle our creativity, block our freedom of choice, recount or repress from our past, and pressure or perseverate about our future– thus impacting our ability or motivation to act or not. You’ve heard it before and it bares worth repeating: There is no time like the present.

Now picture yourself walking into a café or coffee shop to meet with a new person you are wanting to put your best foot forward with such as a potential employer or potential significant other. Based on whichever of the two visions above resonated most with you, who else is this new person meeting with? You and your future self or you and your past self? Who is seeping into your mood, mental clarity, and presence in this situation? We usually hope to show our best self, especially in a scenario such as this. We want to be pleasant and present. We want to show up 100% for this person. Who wouldn’t?!?! Many suffer from what I call “past-turing”. It’s a perpetual state of not being present and living from the past and/or future. Past-turing is like the saying “put out to pasture”. This can mean to retire, resign, or give up. In other words past-turing is static and can cause us to resign or give up on living from our best selves based on the woes of our past and our fears or concerns of our future.

In order to be our best, we ought to “sit in ourselves”. We must be with our senses so we can respond to our experience of the world authentically and in real time because there is no other time to act. Grounding ourselves from within can be done anywhere, at any time. No matter how busy we think we are we can connect to the present simply by looking around ourselves in silence. Describing to ourselves what we see without judgment of anything or anyone in our view. Just observing. Sitting in ourselves is a form of mindfulness and taking it deeper, ask yourself who is observing this moment? What is observing this moment? If you don’t know the answer to this question, let me introduce you to “YOURself”. The animator of our bodies, the one who experiences and feels within the scope of our lives. Not to be confused with our ego! The observer within is much greater than our ego. The observer within is connected to the present. The ego usually hangs out in the past or future. The ego has its place and we need it for survival but we can benefit greatly from sitting in ourselves and spending more time with the observer within, where wisdom and intuition sit.

Practice and play with sitting in YOURself. Have you ever noticed after having a positive experience that you were relaxed and present? Did you notice that you tended to say and do things almost by right action? This is the real “YOU” responding to your environment without hesitation or anxiety. You can have more of these experiences when you learn to “sit in YOURself”. Try it out and see how much better your world can fit and feel.

Aaron Foster

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