Significant Relationship Support

Significant Relationship Support

Are you and someone you care about suffering in your relationship?

Does it feel like the two of you are coming from two different places?

Do you want to make changes but feel frustrated and don’t know what to do?

I offer:

  • impartial, nonjudgmental support for both individuals within a relationship
  • exploration of roles, expectations, and role re-identification where needed
  • innovative ways to view where each are coming from
  • communication skill development (listening is a communication skill)
  • trust building and repair
  • aid in creating more reciprocity
  • parenting support

Examples of issues or concerns might be related to:

  • unresolved conflicts
  • transitions
  • adultery
  • relationship roles
  • codependency
  • addiction
  • trust
  • premarital counseling
  • financial disagreements
  • compatibility
  • poor communication or fighting
  • parenting problems

It’s often much more difficult to see clearly and remain impartial when you yourself are in the mix. Call or email today to gain support for you and your relationship.

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