Parent-Child Relations

Parent-Child Relations

Is your child or adolescent thriving at home, school, and socially?

Are you concerned about your child or adolescents behaviors or emotions and uncertain how to best to help?

Do you feel like you are making the same or opposite mistakes in parenting that you experienced as a child?

I offer:

  • psycho-education and normalization around developmental stages
  • separate sessions for both parents and child (play therapy) or adolescent (talk therapy) based on needs
  • support in understanding your child or adolescents experiences
  • aid in learning how to support the emotional health of your child or adolescent
  • curbing tantrums or acting out behaviors
  • parenting skills such as attunement, active ignoring, modeling, natural consequences, and containment
  • communication skills to set the stage of structure and expectations

Call or email today so as to not waste another day of your child or adolescent’s development, happiness, and potential.

**These are just some of a variety of parenting skills and supportive techniques parents might learn to support their child/adolescent through Parent-Child Relations. For more information about parenting related to family as a whole, please also see Family System Support.


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