Self-Work April 10, 2014

Do you feel irritated by the slightest thing that goes wrong? Are you tired of the negativity that you feel about yourself or that others display? Do you have a sense of the issue or concern from time to time but then lose sight or are unable to control your behavior and emotions? I offer: acceptance and integration within your relationship with yourself exploration and application of coping strategies communication skills development repurposing difficulties or limitations into strengths interventions tailored…

Problem Solving | Solution Finding | Goal Achieving

Problem Solving | Solution Finding | Goal Achieving April 10, 2014

Have you been feeling more and more anxious or depressed over a problem or goal? Do you struggle with motivation and accountability? Do you want to make a decision, feel good about it, and get on with it? I offer: short-term, therapeutic coaching support to work through specific problems or conflicts goal exploration, prioritization, and achievement no rehashing every detail of the past personalized and creative interventions motivational support accountability weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly scheduling suited to your…

Mental Maintenance

Mental Maintenance March 20, 2014

Do you sometimes question your interpretation of events? Do you find yourself talking or complaining about the same things over and over to different people? Do you feel you are burdening others by dumping on them?  I offer: a safe, nonjudgmental, space to contain your “stuff” or circumstances purging for clarity and maintenance of emotional and mental health validation for what can or cannot be changed good rapport and a psychodynamic approach for a long term therapeutic relationship Call or…

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