Family System Support

Family System Support April 10, 2014

Do you sometimes feel that you and your partner are not on the same parenting page? Is your home and family life often exhausting and chaotic? Do you want to move away from the family dysfunction you experience? I offer: exploration into the dynamics, rules, and roles each member plays in order to promote understanding psycho-education and support toward united-parenting establishment or re-establishment of parental hierarchy, boundaries, and structure exploration of the functional aspects or strengths within your family to…

Parent-Child Relations

Parent-Child Relations April 10, 2014

Is your child or adolescent thriving at home, school, and socially? Are you concerned about your child or adolescents behaviors or emotions and uncertain how to best to help? Do you feel like you are making the same or opposite mistakes in parenting that you experienced as a child? I offer: psycho-education and normalization around developmental stages separate sessions for both parents and child (play therapy) or adolescent (talk therapy) based on needs support in understanding your child or adolescents…

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