Limitations as Strengths

Limitations as Strengths May 18, 2015

When people go about thinking and labeling their limitations they often begin by considering them from a place of self-judgment with negative feelings attached to them. What if I told you that our limitations can actually be our new strengths? Sounds crazy but when one identifies and accepts their limitations it can allow a shift to occur. You see with acceptance comes empowerment to do something differently. What once may have felt difficult suddenly becomes a window of opportunity. Learning how to maneuver in healthier, more self-supportive ways can eliminate what once felt like a limitation, in effect creating a new a strength.

Some therapist believe that their role is not to share about themselves with clients. I agree if it does not pertain to a client’s needs. So I will share about myself as it pertains to this article. An example of my own limitations is a tendency for anxiety. I benefit from managing my anxious tendency through self-care which is not limited to deep breathing, meditation, taking breaks, exercise, and basic stress management but also communication. I must say how I feel and express my needs in order to get them met. When I don’t, the inevitable anxiety comes and is a signal that I am not honoring myself. I am limiting myself by not communicating. So my anxiety is actually a guide for me, poking and prodding me back on  course with my self-care. Knowing this limitation of mine called anxiety has become my strength. Not that I don’t still deal with anxiety but the discomfort is far less from having panic attacks and significantly shorter in duration.

According to Wayne Dyer, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. This quote sounds magical and it is. It is also a truth.

Do you suffer by your own mind or shy away from challenges that seem so easy for others? Do you want to be the best you can be? Existing in the comfort of discomfort is a choice. Choose to move yourself passed your discomforts and they will no longer carry the same weight. Use your feelings and emotions as a signal of unmet or misguided needs fulfillment. Consider them as a call to action. Knowing your limitations and honoring them is a strength. How you chose to think and label your limitations can aid your exercising good self-care. And just like physical exercise, self-care exercise can support feel-good-neuro-chemistry in your brain. Use your potential, don’t squander it. Learn how to transform your limitations into your strengths.

Aaron Foster

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