What is emotional freedom and why do you want it? October 23, 2014

Emotions have a purpose. They are meant to support us… Support us in making decisions, serve us to learn from our mistakes, and help us to connect with others. They also desire to be expressed so they can come and go freely. Sometimes we get stuck in negative emotions and attempt to avoid or escape them. This only gives them more power to infect our lives. We might gain a few moments of peace by sweeping them under the rug but they come back with greater force in attempts to be dealt with. Emotional freedom does not mean “free from emotions” it means having the ability to express emotions at their deepest level. Not simply the surface feelings but the deeper emotions behind the feelings. For example, the emotions behind anger which are usually hurt, sadness, despair…the unacceptable stuff which is the root underneath the surface.

Have you ever pulled a weed from a flower bed? If so, you know that you have to get at the root to keep it from coming back, right? How about a more colorful, yet crude analogy! Have you ever felt gassy? When one has an experience of gassiness and are unable to release it, it is uncomfortable deep within, until something shifts and it is released. The most common response to the release is, “Ahhh, that’s what I needed”. Emotions are the same way, they just need to be released. Especially, emotions with negative judgments attached to them. In this analogy placing one’s hand on their stomach over the discomfort is the observable surface feeling of anger, while the gas is the hurt or sadness underneath, and the judgment as good or bad is where the shift and release occurs, or does not. How does one release judgments you might ask? By opening their mind… One must recognize that a judgment is a decision. Have you ever, in your life, changed your mind about a decision you made? You can always change your mind with new information. New information being your emotion trying to tell you that your judgment does not serve you, just as those onions made you gassy.

So, do you like the feeling of being stuck? Do you like your repetitive drama? If onions make you painfully gassy, have you learned to limit your exposure? Get the point of why you would want emotional freedom?

Aaron Foster

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