Depression September 15, 2014

Many people suffer from depressive episodes (periods of time) as an often normal response to negative life events. When depression lasts for more than two weeks or comes and goes at a deep level, one can feel STUCK and hopeless. When people are suffering from major depression they feel numb to life, derive little to no pleasure, are irritable, may have physical complaints, poor sleep and eating, and can be overwhelmed by daily life tasks along with dark thoughts that can be all-consuming. In turn, self-judgment is often the voice that depressed people hear internally or others hear when they talk about themselves and their circumstances. When self-talk is laden with self-hate and judgment, it’s like being at the bottom of a hole with a shovel—digging deeper, and deeper, and deeper. If a depressed person uses substances such as alcohol or cocaine to temporarily escape themselves and their pain, it can deplete what little positive chemistry is left working in their brain.

How does one access help when they are depressed, lethargic, angry, self-critical, isolating and possibly hoping to avoid stigma about mental health? By recognizing the normal signs of depression listed above and reaching out for help or by way of a loved one who recognizes the signs and offers support. As part of my passion, I strive to normalize that every individual walking the earth has “mental health” that cannot be overlooked. Our mental health will not allow us to avoid or pretend in the same way that our physical health will not allow us to avoid or pretend. If you have a broken leg, you cannot avoid fixing it without consequences of pain, deformity, and scar tissue. The world was stunned by the loss of Robin Williams, one of our funniest and most giving members to society. We know he was suffering. We know he must have been consumed by his difficulties at the moment he decided to take his life. Let us learn from this by recognizing we all need help in life from time to time and there is nothing wrong with accessing it. In my private practice, I offer a variety of types of sessions to my clients for their comfort and convenience—- from traditional office sessions, to sessions in my client’s homes, offices or in the community. I also offer video sessions once a good rapport has been established and there are no inherit risks to safety.

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