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As a therapist who has studied relationships, I prefer not to get too hung up on diagnosis outside of supporting education and understanding, and I treat the person’s or family’s difficulties, whatever they may be, from strength-based and skills-application approaches. I want to circumvent labels that can create shame or victimization. I find it more effective to re-label personal needs that must be addressed in order to solve problems. My practice is holistic in nature, pulling from what research supports as effective for short-term treatment and long-term success. My relationship with my clients must be built on trust and good rapport. From there, I predominantly utilize a soft-yet-direct approach, along with humor, and Cognitive Behavioral techniques and Solution-Focused and Family Systems theories, all while taking into consideration my clients’ needs and exploring what works for them and their personalities – even if that means stepping outside of the box.

In my work I have found that our relationship with ourselves holds the key to all our other relationships. Within our family and social dynamics resides much opportunity for learning how we have been conditioned to treat ourselves. From a factual position, we are all affected by our genetics and environment. We make choices and adjustments to how we relate to others as we get along in life, but often times never consider how we are relating to ourselves. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, values, and behaviors can often be left unchecked and this is where difficulties can arise. Together, my clients and I work to explore and modify what no longer works for them in efforts to offer new choices for positive change within themselves and their relationships.

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