Anxiety September 11, 2014

Anxiety can be debilitating. It is a feeling of fear, unease, and worry. It can keep us up all night and cause us to be distracted during the day. What causes anxiety is almost always our thoughts that trigger these feelings of unease. Sometimes though, anxiety can hijack us out of what appears to be know where. A simple intervention to reduce anxiety is focusing on your breathing but also self-affirming your presence. You see anxiety is associated with the future. Though anxiety is being experienced in the present, it’s fed by our projected fear of something in the future. Could be a work project that’s due date is looming nearer, could be associated with concern of other people’s behaviors, or in extreme cases, the thought of leaving the house or entering large crowds. So one would want to affirm their presence, safety, and control over their emotions (silently or aloud) while paying close attention to the quality of their breathing. An example of a self-affirming statement for presence might look like: “I am safe, I am secure, and I am present right NOW. I am here, NOW experiencing only the depth of my breathing. There is no immediate danger or fear in this moment”. It can often be helpful to close your eyes while repeating a self-affirming statement to cut out distractions and help with presence. After a few moments or however long is needed, one will notice a slight easing of the anxiety and a feeling of empty space or peace if presence is reached.

What has been described above is mindfulness or a form of meditation. With continued education and practice one can make some fantastic changes in their life; managing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions more effectively. If you know someone who could benefit from shining a light on their anxiety, please share this information with them. Or if you yourself would like to learn more about how to stop anxiety in its tracks, consider reaching out for help. Living with anxiety is unnecessary and exhausting… To do nothing about it is making a choice to live in a place of unnecessary exhaustion and debilitation.

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